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See kids, that's what you get when you smoke cigarettes.

A bird-hobo eats your girlfriend.

Your art is great, but it isn't funny

The expressiveness of your animation, drawing style, and acting is spectacular. It's getting better and better. But it's lost the comedic flair your older work had. I don't know what it is, I just know it isn't there. Perhaps there's less passion in your writing now. Try something new. Something you haven't done before. Then come back to these comedic-style toons with a fresher mind.

I love this series. Right on!

Awesome job on this one. The animation is a lot more expressive, though I prefer the mastermind's old, shady look. It was way cool.

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This was kinda fun

I have few complaints, this is better than most flash games like this I've tried. Even though you did mention it, its lack of "Dragonforce difficulty" doesn't help it live up to the name "Guitar Geek." Still 'n all I enjoyed playing it, nice job. I like the style of the game animation as well. It was fun.


This is what flash games should be like. Easy controls, comedic, and fun. Ya got glitches, yeah, but it didn't take away from the game. Kinda difficult, I got stuck at the cloning vats *shrug* maybe I suck. All in all, if there's gonna be a sequel, it's gonna kick ass. This shit's got potential.

Could have been great.

Next time test it before you post it. The third guy up there can't be killed, missing code. I had fun for about 2 seconds, then I died 'cause I couldn't kill the guy. I hope that next one is better, 'cause this one was way too sloppy.

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I have a boner right now

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Insector responds:

Awh yeaaaah

The bridge is fantastic

The mix of the deep, slow bass line, the ambient accompaniment and the piano is a nice sound. While the beat is really simplistic, I think it works pretty well for this song. As a whole, though, I think this song needs a little extra something. Perhaps combining some light snare to the beat, or some wind sound effects. It sounds great, rather relaxing, but it I feel like it needs some extra chilling aspect to it (though that could just be my preference). Regardless, nicely composed.

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Nice cover. :)

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CelestOrion responds:

Thanks, Bit. I'm thinking of doing the theme to Twilight Princess soon, but in the meantime, I'm just making what inspires me :3

They take me away from the strangest places. Hey man.

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